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The Western Australia Government has unveiled its new energy program, Community Energy, offering electricity at no charge during off-peak times for some customers undergoing financial difficulty.

The Community Energy program will provide free electricity between 9am and 3pm to Synergy customers who are experiencing ongoing financial hardship. The program is designed to further support those in financial hardship and stabilise the energy system.

The program gives eligible hardship households ten units of zero-cost electricity in the off-peak times – around three quarters of an average household’s daily usage.

When used to its full potential, participants can save between $200 and $500 a year in addition to the State Government’s Household Electricity Credit – which saves eligible hardship customers up to $826 a year.

Community Energy supports system stability by incentivising customers to shift their electricity usage away from evening peak times to the middle of the day when household usage is traditionally low.

Community Energy also offers an alternative to solar panels that will give more Western Australians access to the benefits of cheaper electricity during the day.

To be eligible, financial hardship customers must have an Advanced Metering Infrastructure meter and not own solar panels on their property.

Western Australia Premier, Roger Cook, said, “We are always looking for ways to help Western Australian families who are doing it tough, and provide additional support to those who need it most.

“This new program will save potentially hundreds of dollars for thousands of Western Australians who might be struggling to pay their electricity bills.

“Alongside our $400 Household Electricity Credit and measures like the two-zone public transport fare cap, this is just another way we are helping to ease cost of living pressures for Western Australians.

“Right around the world we are seeing inflationary pressures, supply chain shortages and higher interest rates. Through our strong economy and responsible budget management WA has been able to provide support to those who need it, and we expect the situation will dissipate over time.”

Western Australia Energy Minister, Bill Johnston, said, “The Western Australia Government is committed to supporting those parts of the community experiencing social and financial challenges.

“The Community Energy product, introduced by Synergy, offers ten units of electricity at no cost during the day to those on the case management program.

“This will bring the cost of electricity down for those experiencing financial hardship while also making use of the energy being generated by solar panels during the day.”

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  1. S 11 months ago

    The energy is gifted off the back of people with solar panels who have been paid $0.02 cents per kilowatt by Synergy buy back. These same people have to pay market price of $0.27 cents like everyone. The government isn’t supporting this, scheme, solar panel owners are supporting the scheme. Let’s give credit where credit is due!

  2. Mama Tonga 11 months ago

    I would like to find out whether we have to make an application to be able to be eligible for the community energy program that provides free electricity from 9am-3pm.
    Kind regards

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