When you need the right equipment to address exposure and protect your facilities, there is one solution you should be looking for. Green, Safe, Maintenance-free (GSM) transformers outperform its conventional counterparts in safety, return of investment, installation footprint, reliability, and environmental impact. The GSM transformer exceeds Australian Standards and is FM Approved as per Approval Standard 3990.

Better safety and return of investment

A transformer failure can be catastrophic, and the extent of its impact is significant. A recent case study shows that the total estimated loss due to transformer fire was reduced by replacing existing equipment with FM Approved products. The reduced fire risk and self-extinguishing dielectric fluid used in GSM transformer can significantly lower the insurance premium and thus reduce loss due to transformer failures, ensuring business continuity and provide peace of mind.

Reduced installation footprint

In line with the Australian Standard, GSM transformers can be installed next to other transformers or building with clearance requirement of only 0.9 meters. This provides the perfect solution for upgrades or replacement of equipment where space is a premium. The installation footprint of GSM transformers is 12 times smaller when compared to a conventional transformer of an equal rating.

In addition, GSM Transformer engineered and certified by FM Global as a Fire Protection Equipment. This certification allows it to be installed without the need of fire rated barriers or containment wall around its perimeter. Thanks to the combined safety and smaller footprint, it provides an ideal space-saving solution that allows shorter cable length.

Reliable performance

Each GSM transformer undergoes an in-depth routine test which goes beyond Australian Standards. Furthermore, the manufacturing facility is audited every three months to maintain certification and compliance.

The type-test, performed as part of the certification process, successfully demonstrated that the GSM transformer can withstand more than five times the pressure of a conventional transformer. This is a consequence of research and development, which new technologies are currently in the processing of being patent. This innovation combined with a well-designed rapid pressure relief solution allows the GSM transformers to withstand high energy fault events.

Environmental benefits

The less-flammable fluid used in GSM transformers is non-hazardous to the environment and is 98 per cent readily biodegradable within 28 days. This greatly reduces environmental impact whilst demonstrate the industries steps towards positive corporate responsibility.

As the name implies, the GSM transformers are environmentally friendly, using a less-flammable fluid that contributes to increased operational safety and reliability. For further information about the GSM transformers, please contact Exnovo at or visit us at

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