EnergyAustralia has revealed a new potential pumped hydro energy storage facility, to be located at the Lake Lyell dam which supplies water to Mt Piper power station in Lithgow, NSW. 

Energy Executive, Liz Westcott, said early estimates suggest a Lake Lyell pumped hydro  energy storage facility would be capable of producing 350MW of electricity, with around eight hours of storage enough to power approximately 150,000 households during peak demand. 

“Initial studies show that a Lake Lyell pumped hydro energy storage facility has enormous  potential to become a major piece of infrastructure for New South Wales in a transitioning energy system,” Ms Westcott said. 

“Pumped hydro will continue to play an important role in providing reliable, affordable and  cleaner power for homes and businesses into the future. One of the benefits of Lake Lyell is  that it’s already located near major transmission lines.

“It’s a low-emission technology that can store large volumes of electricity for quick release,  helping to provide cover at times when renewables aren’t available and fill a large gap that  will be left by the retirement of coal power plants. The ability to operate in seconds will  ensure the lights stay on and energy costs are kept down for customers.” 

Lake Lyell would be used as a lower reservoir and the upper reservoir would be located on  the south side of Mt Walker, all on land owned by EnergyAustralia.  

Head of Mt Piper, Greg McIntyre, said the facility would provide a welcome economic boost for  the region and support Lithgow in becoming a future renewable energy hub.  

“A new pumped hydro facility at Lake Lyell would ensure Lithgow’s legacy in energy  generation is preserved well into the future,” Mr McIntyre said.  

“If the project goes ahead, we anticipate hundreds of jobs would be created during  construction, with roles also needed to oversee the facility’s ongoing operation.

“Detailed assessments will follow, including environmental impacts and planning approvals,  before any firm decisions can be made; however, the first step is consulting with our  community.” 

EnergyAustralia has a goal of being carbon neutral by 2050, with recent announcements including underpinning the 250MW Kidston pumped hydro facility in Queensland, the  commitment to a 350MW battery in Victoria and the 300+MW Tallawarra B power station in New South Wales which is set to be Australia’s first net zero emissions hydrogen and gas capable power plant.

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