Energy Networks Australia’s Energy Vision has been released, describing how energy networks will work together with customers to help deliver a secure and reliable net zero energy future.

The vision was released ahead of the network sector’s major conference EN2022 in Brisbane on the 16th to 18th March 2022. 

Developed in consultation with networks, consumer groups and energy market bodies, the vision describes how Australia’s power and gas grids will become smarter, more integrated and more efficient as they play a critical role in delivering the clean energy transition, giving consumers greater control over their energy use and driving down costs.

Energy Networks Australia Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Dillon, said the vision highlighted just how important the nation’s energy delivery systems – the electricity transmission and distribution and gas distribution networks – were to ensuring Australia achieved its decarbonisation objectives.

“We already have grid access issues for large renewable generators and challenges managing the solar revolution in some parts of the country,” Mr Dillon said.

“Further investment in electricity networks is required as they become smarter and more dynamic, enabling the much larger share of renewable generation needed to deliver the transition to net zero.

“Our gas networks are decarbonising, working to deliver 100 per cent renewable gas like biomethane and hydrogen for domestic and commercial heating. This will also ensure diversity of supply to back up variable renewable generation and ensure there is enough energy to get through winter.”

Mr Dillon said that to achieve net-zero, Australia must transform the way energy was produced, stored, shared and consumed.

“This will require innovation, new technologies, additional infrastructure, and policy and regulatory reform. Timely investment in networks, especially new transmission, will underpin these possibilities,” Mr Dillon said.

“All Australian governments have committed to achieving net zero targets. We need whole-of-system thinking to ensure we meet these targets in a way that delivers the greatest value to all customers.”

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