Monkey Media, the team behind Energy magazine, has been named on the Australian Financial Review’s Fast 100 List for 2018.

As the energy industry has grown, so too has Monkey Media by combining the publishing side of the business with running industry events, and a content marketing agency specialising in the niche areas of utilities, infrastructure and energy.

Energy editor, Laura Harvey, explains how constant innovation in the sector has contributed to continued interest and a growth in readership.

“Energy has been front-page news for a while now, and as we approach a Federal Election, that won’t be changing any time soon. During times of change, the industry needs a news source that they can trust, and for the energy industry, that trusted source is Energy,” Laura said.

Monkey Media Founder, Chris Bland, said, “Monkey Media has always been a hybrid, and what’s pleasing about our growth is that it has come from both the traditional publishing, and the digital and content marketing sides of the business. Having capabilities in one of these areas supports the other and vice versa.

“For us, it’s never been about print versus digital. In publishing and in marketing the platforms may have changed, but the fundamentals haven’t. It always comes back to two things, audience and content, and if you can get both those things right you can continue to attract attention and utilise the value that comes with that.”

As 2018 draws to an end, Monkey Media is still working hard for its clients and partners to ensure 2019 is even bigger.

For more information about working with the creators of Energy to help you achieve fast growth, contact Monkey Media.

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