Energy Consumers Australia has announced the appointment of a new CEO, who will be commencing on 27 September. 

Dr Brendan French is set to bring over 20 years’ experience in executive and leadership roles to the position, with a focus on consumer interests in the banking, finance, energy and water sectors. On top of significant corporate experience at the Commonwealth Bank, he was previously the New South Wales Energy and Water Deputy Ombudsman.

Energy Consumers Australia Chair, Louise Sylvan, said the combination of leadership skills and experience at the intersection of government, consumer advocacy and business in complex markets, including energy, made Brendan French an ideal candidate for the role.

“The Board congratulates Brendan on his appointment, and we look forward to seeing the impact he can have on behalf of consumers,” Ms Sylvan said.

“He brings a multi-dimensional perspective to the job, at a critical time when we need all parts of the energy system working together to deliver better consumer outcomes through the energy transition.

“We are excited about Brendan leading the team at Energy Consumers Australia and believe he will bring strong leadership, consumer focus and new perspective to the organisation.”

Dr French thanked the Board for their confidence and said he was excited about working on behalf of all energy consumers to protect and advance their interests.

“Throughout my career, I have placed a high value on fostering dialogue and collaboration for community impact and I look forward to continuing that as CEO of Energy Consumers Australia,” Dr French said.

“This is a critical period where a lot is being asked of people. We must guarantee that consumers have a loud voice advocating for their needs, and that no one is left behind during the energy transition or left to struggle with their energy costs. I’m honoured to be given this opportunity to work to ensure the energy market meets the needs of everyone.”

Ms Sylvan also thanked Interim CEO, Jacqueline Crawshaw, for steering the organisation over the past five months.

“Jacqueline has done an amazing job of leading the organisation and our people through this period and is a vital part of our senior leadership team. We thank her for stepping up at such an important time.”

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