The Australian Strategic Technology Program (ASTP) has been formed by Energy Networks Australia and the Australian Power Institute, and will harness university expertise and research to help solve the network challenges presented by a rapidly transforming electricity system.

The recent Energy Networks Australia Great Expectations: The Interactive Grid seminar highlighted that if Australia does not adapt and change the electricity system, it will not be able to continue to affordably provide what customers want or need from it. Australia must rethink the design fundamentals and deliver the simplest possible solution that optimises the use of existing network capability.

The ASTP provides a coordinated approach to industry research, development and innovation, with practical outcomes intended to steer improvements in asset management and network performance for electricity utilities and explore non-network solutions.

The four network-identified priority projects underway by the ASTP are:

  • Management of voltages in low voltage networks
  • Conductor condition monitoring
  • Quantifying extreme bushfire consequences
  • Network sensing

More information on the ASTP projects can be found here.

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