A Distributed Energy Buyback Scheme (DEBS) will be launched in Western Australia to allow buyback payments for energy exported from home batteries and electric vehicles.

The DEBS also introduces higher export payments for electricity between 3pm and 9pm, a peak demand period.  

Energy provider Horizon Power said this will encourage households to make the most of this solar resource by using or storing the electricity they produce during the middle of the day, and to produce more renewable energy later in the day, when households need it most, by installing west-facing panels. 

The new scheme will apply to eligible customers – households, schools and other educational institutes, and not-for-profits – installing an eligible new solar PV system or battery, or upgrading the size of their existing PV system (up to a 5kW maximum size). It will also apply to some consumers moving into a premise with existing solar PV installed.

Under DEBS, from 6 November:

  • Electricity exported between 3pm and 9pm will earn 10c/kWh
  • Electricity exported before 3pm or after 9pm will earn 3c/kWh

For consumers in towns with high generation costs, the rates will be a higher corresponding buyback rate.

Until 6 November, DEBS consumers will receive the current Renewable Energy Buyback Scheme (REBS) rates for their exports – including any exports from batteries, giving DEBS households time to adjust to the new pricing and switch their electricity consumption to the middle of the day where they can, to make the most of their solar generation.

REBS will continue for consumers who are already signed up to it, but these customers will have the option to switch to DEBS to take advantage of the higher 3-9pm buyback rate if they wish.

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