CSIRO will invest $27 million to create two Future Science Platforms (FSPs), including one dedicated to hydrogen research.

The announcement adds two new FSPs to CSIRO’s portfolio, which will transform two of Australia’s most critical sectors – energy and health.

The creation of a Hydrogen FSP will enable the development of technologies that allow Australia to export its solar energy, as well as providing low emissions energy solutions for Australians.

CSIRO Chief Executive, Dr Larry Marshall, said, “Under our Strategy 2020 we’re committed to increasing funding for science that underpins innovation and will reinvent and create new industries and jobs for Australia’s future.

“Securing Australia’s future prosperity means we have to ensure our reach exceeds our gaze, turning our big ideas into breakthrough technologies for major Australian industries.”

CSIRO Energy Director, Karl Rodrigues, said, “The opportunity for Australia is clear – we have access to vast energy resources through sun, wind, biomass, natural gas and coal, all of which can be used to produce hydrogen, allowing us to potentially become a leading exporter of low emission renewable energy.

“This is not only important to ensuring Australia has a diverse mix of energy sources, but positions us to have a competitive edge in the global energy market, fuelling industries from transport, to manufacturing and agriculture.”

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