Toowoomba Regional Council has awarded the contract for its innovative project to develop landfill gas resources at the Toowoomba Waste Management Centre.

Toowoomba Regional Council Water and Waste Committee Chair, Nancy Sommerfield, said this was a momentous project for Council that will be of enormous benefit to the environment and ratepayers.

“This is a project which we have undertaken a lot of research on and to finally see it now progressing to this stage is truly exciting,” Ms Sommerfield said.

“This contract will ensure Council meets its obligations under the Environmental Authority, while also providing substantial electricity cost savings for the operation of Wetalla Water Reclamation Facility (WRF).

“There will also be increased income through royalty payments to Council from the sale of electricity and carbon abatement programs so there are a number of benefits to look forward to.”

The contract to undertake landfill gas utilisation at Toowoomba Waste Management Centre has been awarded to LGI Limited.

“This is a 20-year contract we’re entering into, which reinforces our commitment to projects that provide significant benefits to the environment,” Ms Sommerfield said.

“Through this project we’ll be mitigating against methane emissions from landfill, whilst reducing the reliance on fossil fuels in powering Wetalla, which is one of Council’s highest energy users.

“All landfills produce methane due to the breakdown of organic materials in the landfill. If not managed this methane slowly escapes into the atmosphere. It is a condition of our Environmental Authority that we manage the gas which is usually achieved by simply flaring to convert the methane into carbon dioxide.

“This contract involves the capture of the methane for generation of electricity to offset power to Wetalla, which is a far better use of the gas than simply flaring.

“We estimate the site will produce approximately 600m3 of gas per hour which is enough to run a 1MW generator.”

Council awarded the contract at its Ordinary Meeting of Council on 21 January 2020.

Funding for this project will also be received under the Federal Government Emissions Reduction Fund for the carbon abatement achieved through this contract.

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