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Climate Council has appointed a new Chair to the board who will work alongside one of Australia’s most experienced and longest serving climate CEOs, Amanada McKenzie.


Carol Schwartz, has been appointed as the new Chair of the Climate Council. 

The Climate Council said Ms Schwartz’s appointment will propel the organisation into a brave new era of climate advocacy. 

Under Ms Schwartz’s leadership, the Climate Council will intensify its efforts to: 

  • Push for Australia to become a renewable energy superpower. Climate Council believes Australia has the technology, the expertise, and the resources but will need to act quickly
  • Keep influential voices and human stories at the forefront of the climate conversation to change the narrative
  • Build long term support for solutions on all sides of politics, with a wider range of expert Climate Councillors who can strongly influence critical policy decisions and update all Australians on the science

Ms McKenzie said the Climate Council is excited about the expertise and commitment Ms Schwartz brings and the connections and opportunities she can unlock at an exciting time for the Council. 

“We are growing bigger and more ambitious with every passing year and together, we will build on the vast expertise and momentum of the last decade and really ramp up our advocacy for strong and effective federal, state and territory policies on climate change,” Ms McKenzie said.

“The ultimate aim is to get emissions plummeting in the crucial ‘make or break’ 2020s and to position Australia as a true global leader on climate action.

“Ms Schwartz brings exceptional experience as a business leader who is incredibly passionate about finding solutions to the climate crisis. Our plan to tackle the climate crisis has all the right ingredients to transform Australia’s future by putting us on a swift path to net zero emissions.”

Ms Schwartz said, “My role is to keep supporting the fabulous work underway, and for us to collectively harness the shifts in government policy to ensure rapid and meaningful results. I am optimistic about the role Australia can play in leading the world in climate tech innovation and offering solutions that will really shift the dial towards net zero.”

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