Company honored by Frost & Sullivan for its cybersecurity platform that delivers full visibility across information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) networks and devices

Claroty, the global leader in industrial cybersecurity, has recently announced that it has been named the 2019 Global Company of the Year by Frost & Sullivan. 

According to the firm, Claroty’s superior suite of products provides end-to-end visibility into industrial networks. Specifically, the company offers customers across a multitude of verticals unparalleled cyberthreat protection, detection and response for both IT and OT networks and devices. 

To receive this recognition, an organisation must strive to be best-in-class in three key areas: understanding demand, nurturing the brand and differentiating from the competition. 

Industry analyst at Frost & Sullivan, Swetha Ramachandran Krishnamoorthi, said, “The open architectures of OT systems, using standardised interfaces and connecting to both the Internet and internal corporate networks, results in exposure to third-party intrusions—a common attack vector—and massive disruption possibilities.

“Frost & Sullivan recognises how Claroty’s platform nicely fills these critical gaps by offering a fully integrated product suite enriched with advanced features to provide unparalleled depth, coverage and scalability across a variety of domains.” 

Claroty has the only OT cybersecurity solution that encompasses the entire spectrum of cybersecurity functions, namely identification, detection, protection and response to threats. Its platform provides industrial control networks with complete visibility into assets, high-level threat detection and risk assessment, and its secure remote access—a centralised management interface—expedites data integration with existing security systems to facilitate simple service deployments. 

Claroty Chief Executive Officer, Thorsten Freitag, said, “We are honored to receive this distinction from Frost & Sullivan, as it validates all of the hard work that the team has done to demonstrate excellence in growth, innovation and leadership.

“This will be a breakaway year for OT cybersecurity as it becomes a required business mandate and Chief Information Security Officers much more aggressively seek strong partners in addressing their industrial cybersecurity challenges. We appreciate Frost & Sullivan’s affirmation and look forward to continuing to drive demand, strengthen our brand and deliver unique value to customers.”

Moving forward, Claroty expects to continue the incredible momentum it experienced in 2019, which included:

This partner content is brought to you by Claroty. For more information on Claroty, its platform, and IT/OT security best practices, download the full report here


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