EV charging at home

Ergon has released a new EV Home Charging Plan which is said to save electric vehicle (EV) customers up to $234 per year on their EV power bill.

Queensland Energy Minister, Dr Anthony Lynham, said, “Owners can charge their electric vehicle during the day when there’s higher levels of generation with renewables in the mix.

“They’ll have the same cheaper rate if they want to charge at night.”

The EV Home Charging Plan shares the same benefits as the Tariff 33 controlled load tariff.

“Many of our customers already use this economy tariff with pool pumps, hot water systems and air conditioners,” Dr Lynham said.

“By adding electric vehicles to that mix, there will be the opportunity to develop new electric vehicle tariffs as the vehicles become more commonplace.

“Customers can save up to 18 per cent on consumption charges for those who make the switch to the EV Home Charging Plan.”

The EV Home Charging Plan also offers a package that ensures a percentage of the energy used to charge the EV is from a green source.

The Queensland Government says they are committed to supporting the uptake of electric vehicles as a part of their commitment to a low carbon future.

This includes the Electric Super Highway, which aims to provide Queenslanders with the infrastructure needed to drive from Coolangatta to Cairns in an electric vehicle.

Transport and Main Roads Minister, Mark Bailey, said Queensland is leading the way in electric vehicle strategy.

“If Queensland is to capitalise on the environmental and economic benefits of electric vehicles, we need to support innovative ways to grow ownership,” Mr Bailey said.

“With cheaper models now on the market, electric vehicles are more affordable and accessible to a greater number of buyers.

“Providing incentives like cheaper energy is an excellent strategy to get more electric vehicles on to Queensland roads.”

The latest estimates on electric vehicle take-up suggest regional EV registrations may increase to 3520 by 2025.

The Queensland Government has committed to achieving 50 per cent renewable energy generation by 2030 and net zero emissions by 2050.

For more information about Ergon’s EV Home Charging Plan go to the Ergon Energy Retail Website.

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