Solar panels in the Australian outback

The Clean Energy Council (CEC) has reaffirmed its support for the Federal Government’s revised emissions reduction target of 43 per cent by 2030, now urging others to do the same.

Clean Energy Council Chief Executive, Kane Thornton, said the revised target would lay the groundwork for greater climate ambition beyond 2030 and, if accepted, signal an end to the so-called ‘climate wars’.

“The Australian clean energy industry has a strong track record of over-achieving targets set by state and federal governments over the past decade. But targets really do matter,” Ms Thornton said.

“Rather than having protracted debates about ambition, we should lock in the current target and give investors the confidence to get on with delivering the energy infrastructure necessary for Australia to become a global clean energy superpower.”

The CEC maintains that renewable energy represents a cheaper alternative to existing fossil fuels, which it blames for the ongoing energy and gas crisis.

“The time is now for strong climate action that will also deliver lower power prices and accelerate Australia’s transition away from coal and gas,” the CEC stated.

“We can’t be global leaders and realise our chance to be a renewable energy superpower if we continue to weaponise climate policy.”

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