The Queensland-NSW Interconnector (QNI) project is progressing with TransGrid commencing construction of four new capacitor banks at its Armidale substation, which will enable power system stability and transfer capacity. 

The upgrade of QNI has been designed to increase the transfer capacity of electricity between Queensland and NSW and provide customers with access to reliable, lowest cost electricity. 

Dany Gittani, TransGrid Project Director, said, “The construction of new 330kV capacitor banks at Armidale will provide additional power support for the QNI project.  

“We are erecting 330kV capacitor banks at Armidale which are some of the major electrical components required for the QNI project. 

“A further two capacitor banks have already been installed at Dumaresq substation and two more at Tamworth will be installed after these. 

“The capacitor banks will enable the future injection of reactive power into the high voltage grid to facilitate power system stability in the event of any disturbance or equipment failure.” 

Member for Northern Tablelands, Adam Marshall MP, said the TransGrid project has provided a boost for regional towns in north-west NSW. 

“The TransGrid QNI project has provided jobs and opportunities for local business owners since the upgrade started in June 2020. 

“This has included local crane operators, accommodation providers, fencing, tree services, hygiene, safety, electrical and concrete companies.”

The QNI project has created 155 direct and 360 indirect jobs for the region during construction. 

“There have been about 70 people working at the Armidale site during the recent civil construction works and this has had a flow-on effect to local businesses like restaurants and accommodation,” Mr Marshall said. 

Work on QNI has involved upgrades to substations and transmission lines. Upgrade and replacement of transmission towers with twin pole structures has recently been completed along existing transmission lines. 

The project, approved by the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) and fast tracked with the support of the NSW and Federal Governments, is expected to provide net benefits of $170 million to electricity customers and producers.  

Energisation of the new works at Armidale substation is scheduled for August, with Dumaresq scheduled for September 2021, as part of the plan for the QNI project to be completed by the end of 2021. 

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