Stakeholder forums and workshops are underway as a part of the development process for AEMO’s 2022 Integrated System Plan (ISP), to take a variety of perspectives and concerns into consideration. 

The five-member expert ISP Consumer Panel, announced in November 2020, is tasked with engaging with AEMO to provide a focus on consumer perspectives which is critically important in the ISP development process.  

In a recent podcast discussing the ISP process and the role of the consumer panel, Panel Chair, Dr Andrew Nance, said, “The panel members have deep but diverse energy market experience, and together represent a broad spectrum of consumer interests.

“Our job is to find an appropriate way to ‘bake in’ the consumer interest in the way that the ISP is developed –  the way the scenarios are first conceived, how the different inputs and assumptions are considered – and how the final plan comes together in the end to achieve the optimal development path for the NEM of the future.

“We are looking at a lot of money being spent, billions of dollars, and in simple terms the consumer interest is this: we don’t want to overspend, we don’t want to underspend – we want to get this just right.

“It’s really important for the consumer voice to be strong in this process- if we don’t get it right, consumers will end up paying the price through regulated fees and charges. 

“We are working closely with consumer advocates but encourage anyone who has an interest in the ISP to contact the panel and get involved.”

AEMO is committed to transparent and open engagement and collaboration as it seeks to ensure that stakeholders can engage and participate in the ongoing planning, development and operation of Australia’s energy markets. The ISP Consumer Panel is a key part of the growing consumer engagement program. 

In December 2020, AEMO published its draft 2021 Inputs, Assumptions and Scenarios Report (IASR), commencing formal consultation on the scenarios, inputs and assumptions that are proposed for the 2022 ISP. 

The Consumer Panel will deliver a formal report on the IASR following its release in July 2021, the first of two major reports to be produced by the panel at key points in the ISP development timeline. 

Stakeholders can find the key milestones of the 2022 ISP in the ISP Timetable posted to the AEMO website. The Opportunities for Engagement page provides a detailed timeline of upcoming workshops and engagement activities.

The 2020 ISP and a list of consultation, industry forums and working groups can be accessed on the AEMO website. Any questions or feedback on the 2022 ISP can be emailed to

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