The energy industry has called on the South Australian Government to lead a return to a bipartisan energy strategy for the state, following the state election in March 2018.

The Australian Energy Council released a review of the range of energy policy announcements made in the lead up to the election, which revealed a range of sensible policy initiatives from both major parties which would form the basis for an effective state energy plan.

Australian Energy Council Chief Executive, Matthew Warren, said while energy policy was described as a major issue at the recent election, there was little evidence that it materially influenced voter behaviour.

“South Australians want what we all want – an affordable, reliable energy system that responsibly manages the risk of climate change and supports the state’s economy,” Mr Warren said.

“There have been a wide range of different ideas put forward over the past year on how to fix the SA energy ‘crisis’.  The best ideas have come from both sides of politics.

“The Marshall Government has a great opportunity now to put the political point scoring on energy policy behind it, and give consumers what they really want. From our review the best plan for the state would draw upon the best ideas from both Labor and the Liberals.” 

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