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WestWind has lodged a planning application to the Victorian Government for the construction of Australia’s biggest wind farm, consisting of up to 235, 3-5 MW wind turbines.

The Golden Plains Wind Farm is the proposed site for the turbines and is located in the Golden Plains Shire, southeast and west of the small township of Rokewood.

If approved, the project will generate over 2500GWH per annum – equivalent to the electricity consumption of more than 450,000 homes; and prevent more than 2.5 million tonnes of carbon dioxide annually from being emitted to the atmosphere.

In 2006, WestWind began monitoring the wind resource in the Golden Plains Shire, specifically around the Barunah Park and Rokewood area. In 2016, WestWind completed further feasibility investigations into the proposed development site and made the commercial decision to pursue a planning permit for an 800MW project.

The project is still in development with further environmental and cultural heritage studies still to be completed.

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