There’s a proliferation of spatial data available at our fingertips – why aren’t utilities using this technology to remotely access a real-world view of their own assets?

img_6212-edit-2Look around right now. There are probably several devices you could use to access detailed satellite imagery, turn-by-turn directions from here to anywhere, or even a street-view of a shopfront in New York City.

A few short years ago, accessing this level of spatial information would have been considered science fiction, but now we use it daily in our personal lives.

However, when it comes to assessing the condition of railways, electricity assets or other critical infrastructure, often people are still sent out into the field to physically view the situation. Not only does this take time and cost money, it exposes people to safety risks, is subjective, and results in fatigue leading to increased inaccuracies and human error.

Through a fusion of high definition 3D and 2D imagery, LiDAR and advanced mapping capabilities,

Geomatic Technologies’ new AIMS3D product provides a highly accurate digital-twin of your real-world assets and infrastructure.

AIMS3D delivers this combination of high-value geospatial data in a powerful, yet intuitive cloud solution, accessible across the business via a standard web browser. Geomatic Technologies’ capture equipment can operate on road, rail or aircraft, and even be carried into difficult to access locations.

The capture is completed quickly, in a single pass, providing access to data insights fast.

AIMS3D gives you the power to provide:

  • Millimetre-accurate rail clearance at a remote bridge or overpass
  • Location and condition assessments of assets
  • Precise clearances to critical infrastructure including electrical conductors
  • Access to your virtual data for accurate network design and works planning
The AIMS3D user interface

The AIMS3D user interface

The speed and convenience of AIMS3D capture, combined with the powerful interface, means users can acquire and explore asset information at multiple points in time.

This empowers users to see and predict degradation, clearance encroachments (such as vegetation) or to audit completed works. All of this is possible from a web browser, reducing the need for physical field inspections.

AIMS3D is the secured digital version of your network, accessible at any time, which can be used for countless purposes and even future requirements you’re not yet aware of.

The future of asset intelligence

To maintain its position at the forefront of asset intelligence, Geomatic Technologies is experimenting with how AIMS3D integrates with developing technologies such as machine learning and self-driving cars.

Imagine being automatically notified of impending asset failure or safety issues in the most remote corners of a network. Machine learning is making it feasible to automatically detect tiny changes in asset condition before they are visible to the human eye.

Self-driving cars and automated drones are no longer a fantasy. When coupled effectively with sophisticated capture equipment, we will see fleets of robotic vehicles able to constantly, repeatedly and affordably scan your infrastructure.

Advanced asset intelligence systems like AIMS3D are fast becoming more affordable, more accessible and more sophisticated – the present is exciting and the future is bright.

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