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Dr David Ritchie has been appointed as the independent officer to oversee implementation of the 135 recommendations from the scientific inquiry into hydraulic fracturing in the Northern Territory.

Chief Minister, Michael Gunner, said that Dr Ritchie’s wealth of experience would help give the community confidence that all 135 recommendations would be thoroughly implemented.

“Dr Ritchie brings over 20 years of experience as a Chief Executive Officer to this role including heading the Department of Natural Resources, Environment and the Arts, and the Aboriginal Areas Protection Authority,” Mr Gunner said.

“As a member of the inquiry panel, Dr Ritchie’s knowledge and familiarity with the recommendations of the report make him ideally placed to ensure implementation is done honestly and effectively.

“There are passionate Territorians who were hoping for a different decision this week and some are concerned about government’s capacity to implement these reforms.

“I want every Territorian to be confident that we will faithfully implement every recommendation so we can benefit from the jobs and wealth creation of this industry while also protecting our precious environment.

“The appointment of Dr Ritchie will ensure implementation is transparent and that the public can hold the government to account.”

Dr Ritchie’s areas of specialisation include Cultural history and engagement, Natural Resource Management, Public Policy, Governance, Risk Assessment, Organisational Development and Community Engagement.

He is the current Chair of the Northern Territory Planning Commission. 

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