The recently completed 14MW solar plant located in Fukushima Japan, utilised Antaisolar’s aluminum ground mounting system. As it’s shown from the bird’s eye view pictures, Antaisolar’s solar racking system is designed to cope with the complex terrain, maximising the overall energy generation by offering various designs.

In order to slash carbon dioxide emissions and solve the problem of being overly reliant on fossil fuels, Japan continues to promote solar power in recent years. However, Japan’s topography makes producing solar energy quite complex; the island country comprises  6,847 islands, and is covered by over 70 per cent mountainous terrain.

Ground-mounted solar plants are typically installed in a relatively flat and open field, especially when it comes to utility-scale projects. In order to deal with the undulating terrain in Japan, Antaisolar first analysed the terrain condition, then the design team – with rich experience in hilly terrain – came up with multi-angle designs, maximising the overall yield and winning positive feedback from the client.

As of the end of 2021, Antaisolar’s cumulative solar racking shipments had reached 19.3GW. It has ranked No.1 in Japan’s solar racking market share and ranked No.1 of export volume to Japan for eight consecutive years.

So far, Antaisolar has accumulated in-depth cooperation with major Japanese companies with excellent product quality, rigorous design, local offices and logistics centre settings; and it is looking forward to bringing more clean energy solutions to Japan.

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