A new product from AGL allows customers without traditional solar rooftop panels to reap the cost benefits of solar energy.

AGL General Manager Energy Management Nick Ruddock said AGL Offsite Solar would suit the households which wanted, but could not tap into, renewable energy.

“We believe this is the only product of its type in Australia available for the 80 per cent of Australian households that do not have solar, including people who are renting, living in apartments, have unsuitable roofs, cannot afford it or move too often to justify the cost.

“Customers who sign up to AGL Offsite Solar for $1 a day in the first year receive bill credits of about $50 per year plus loyalty credits of $33 per year in years two to seven.”

AGL owns the 500kW PV system installed on a Kraft Heinz factory in Wagga Wagga and receives payments for generation.

“Although AGL Offsite Solar customers are not directly using the energy from this solar system, their credits reflect the solar generation from the panels,” Mr Ruddock said.

“We estimate customers will break even on their subscription in about 4.6 years, a faster payback period than traditional rooftop solar, and it comes without the cost and hassle of installations and maintenance. Best of all, customers can take the service and savings with them when they move to an eligible home.

“Customers need to be on an eligible AGL energy plan to be able to connect this product, and should visit to learn more”.

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