The AER has published its retail energy market performance data from Queensland, South Australia, NSW, the ACT and Tasmania.

The data has found that Tier 1 retailers (which includes AGL, Origin and EnergyAustralia) dominate the residential retail market, accounting for 66 per cent of electricity and 85 per cent of gas contracts, with the majority of these customers on market contracts.

However in recent years, the market share of Tier 1 retailers has declined somewhat, with more customers making the move to Tier 2 retailers. The report says this reflects the fact that customers “are increasingly shopping around, and engaging with the market.”

The data also found that over 1.1 million customers receive solar feed-in tariffs, with 64 per cent receiving retailer-funded tariffs, and 36 per cent receiving government-funded tariffs.

The full breakdown report detailing payment issues, disconnections and complaints can be found here.

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