Gas distribution tariffs for 2019–20 submitted by Evoenergy, Jemena Gas Networks and Australian Gas Networks have been approved by the Australian Energy Regulator (AER).

The AER has also approved 2019–20 gas transmission tariffs for the Amadeus Gas Pipeline and Roma Brisbane Pipeline, owned by the APA Group.

According to the AER, all tariff proposals complied with the requirements of each network service provider’s respective gas access arrangements.

These tariffs implement the AER’s decisions that set the maximum revenue each service provider could recover from its customers over the five year access period.  

If retailers pass on the changes in the distribution tariffs in full and other components of the bill are unchanged, the effects on bills for residential consumers in 2019-20 will be:

Bill impact (on main residential tariff)

  • Evoenergy gas — 2.24 per cent or $9.08 a year
  • Jemena Gas Networks — 1.45 per cent or $4.46 a year
  • AGN — 5.3 per cent or $25.62 a year

The tariff increases in 2019 are the minimum required for distributors to continue to provide a safe and reliable service and to meet regulatory obligations.

Gas transmission tariffs in QLD will decrease by 5.7 per cent and in the NT by 2.04 per cent in 2019–20.

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