The Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) will hold a webinar on 29 May 2020 to seek feedback on integrating technologies into the national grid.

The forum is aimed to collate stakeholder views on their international experience with the core elements of reforms, in order to understand how the new technologies can be integrated into the grid.

The forum is part of the Coordination of Generation and Transmission Investment (COGATI) reforms, with the aim to ensure the cheapest, fastest and fairest path to a low-emissions energy future as the generation mix changes rapidly. 

The measures AEMC are proposing have been successfully in place for decades in places including New Zealand, North America and Singapore.

The webinar will look at the overseas experience of locational marginal prices (LMP), which incentivise generators to factor congestion into where they locate; and financial transmission rights (FTRs), which will give generators a risk management tool to protect themselves against congestion. 

The webinar will build upon the work undertaken by NERA Economic Consulting for the AEMC, which can be found here

The webinar will allow stakeholders to discuss and present their experience of grid access arrangements in overseas markets and, based on their experiences of these markets. 

This will provide input to the COGATI review on work currently underway, to deliver draft rules implementing grid access reform to the COAG Energy Council by the end of 2020, as part of the Energy Security Board’s post 2025 market design process. 

AEMC are taking the lead on this particular workstream of the ESB’s 2025 project. 

Interested stakeholders can register for the forum here before 26 May 2020.

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