The AEMC is trying to get a better deal for embedded network customers by introducing a comprehensive reform package to give this fast rising sector of the market access to the same rights, protections and prices as everyone else.

The proposed changes would extend important consumer protections and access to retail market competition to customers in some existing embedded networks. This is significant as hundreds of thousands of people are customers in embedded power networks like apartment buildings, shopping centres, retirement villages and caravan parks, and are regulated differently to the national grid.

As part of the ongoing consultation on the package, the AEMC held a workshop on 8 May 2019 in Sydney to enable stakeholders to provide input on whether and how to transition existing embedded network customers to the proposed new arrangements.

The AEMC welcomed input from representatives of industry, consumers and state governments and regulators on the:  

  • Types of existing embedded networks that should be covered by the new arrangements, including proposed time-based and size-based triggers
  • Process for transitioning the relevant legacy embedded networks into the new arrangements through retail authorisation and network registration
  • Overall approach to the implementation of the new framework, including the process of amending the national energy laws and rules, the review of legislation by jurisdictional governments, the updating of guidelines and systems by other market bodies, and industry readiness.

The AEMC will release its final report on embedded network reform in June.

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