IPS-SYSTEMS™ is a fully integrated and comprehensive Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), Asset Performance Management (APM), Network Model Management and Mobile Solution, specialised for the global electricity industry, with large and ever expanding technical libraries of assets, technical data and analytics.

IPS-SYSTEMS™ Portfolio Areas

With big data and the IoT transforming the way asset information is managed in the digital age, more and more organisations are looking at implementing advanced EAM software to ensure assets operate more efficiently and with minimal disruption.

By setting up a dedicated EAM platform, utilities can monitor and analyse the real-time condition of their assets, offering more informed decision-making and opportunities for preventative maintenance, and asset life extension. With concerns about aging assets and the cost of replacement, utilities are seeking maximum cost efficiency and return on their assets.

IPS-ENERGY’s Asset Performance capability is world-leading, with highly advanced software and analytics to accurately assess asset health and predict asset lives, undertake what-if analysis,
and capex and opex optimisation.

Highly-intelligent asset, configuration management for protective relays and IEDs (a must-have for high level of power system security, reliability and flexibility), is just one of our key differentiators.

Another one is our CIM XML, Topology and Network Model Manager functionality, which provides you with one centralised set of validated system network model data, for multiple users
to implement in:

  • Network planning
  • Network analyses
  • Asset management and more.

Our new state-of-the-art Mobile Solution (IPS-MobApp), has both online and offline capability, and leading-edge dynamically-changing work tasks and action lists, based on field data collection and instant asset analytics, providing superior predictive maintenance capability, as well as voice recognition, machine learning asset nameplate and condition photo recognition and analysis.

According to Gartner, the world’s leading IT research and advisory company, utilities looking for a product tailored to an engineering focus on physical characteristics should consider IPS-SYSTEMS in their shortlist.

IPS-ENERGY Australia Pacific is the Australian branch of IPS-Company Group, a global organisation headquartered in Munich, Germany, that specialises in EAM and APM for electrical power utilities.

If you would like to have more information or see a demonstration of IPS-SYSTEMS™ software and analytics and IPS-MobApp solution, please contact us at any time as per details below and/or come to see us at Booth No. 27 at Energy Networks 2018For more information and product specifications, visit, call +61 3 9042 8081 or email

This partner content is brought to you by IPS-ENERGY Australia Pacific. For more information, visit www.ips-energy

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