What could compelling, beautifully designed proposals do to help boost your solar sales? If you’re looking for the one-stop shop to increase your solar business productivity, look no further than Nearmap on OpenSolar.

The partnership of Nearmap and Open Solar has resulted in a powerful insights-based tool for solar companies across Australia and New Zealand. According to Global Market Insights, Australia’s solar installation for residential and commercial sectors could exceed five million units by 2030. The demand for more clean energy continues to grow and with that demand comes the need to design and implement solar systems more efficiently and effectively.

Nearmap on OpenSolar is an end-to-end sales toolkit that takes the pain out of the solar sales cycle. Need to see the current condition of a roof before setting foot on site? Nearmap on OpenSolar can help with that. Want to design a complete solar system with energy calculations in a beautifully designed proposal? Nearmap on OpenSolar is your answer. Andrew Birch, co-founder of OpenSolar, said the partnership with Nearmap was an easy decision to make. 

“We knew that designing systems with really beautiful high-resolution aerial images, where you can look around properly from all angles – north, south, east, west – could really help sell a customer a total system. It’s another way for customers to more readily buy into clean energy solutions,” Mr Birch said.

The mission of OpenSolar to grow clean energy was a natural fit for Nearmap, whose mission is to change the way people see the world to transform how they work. Nearmap on OpenSolar was a perfect solution to both.

Prospecting and closing the sale – a large part of the solar industry – becomes easier since this new tool showcases how a solar installation will look on a customer’s home. With a completely mobile and interactive design platform, a sales rep can customise a system on the spot while presenting to a customer. This provides the ability for a customer and sales rep to find the best solution for their home and energy needs. 

An additional feature included with Nearmap on OpenSolar is the built-in CRM; it can track the customer touchpoints from beginning to end and all in between. Design multiple systems with ease with access to imagery across seasons and a comprehensive hardware catalogue. Once a system is designed, a sales rep can quickly showcase the benefits and environmental impact of choosing solar to power their home. 

“Customers are busy and solar isn’t something they typically wake up and demand that they need,” Mr Birch said. 

“The imagery really helps pull in the emotional piece, draws them in so they understand what the end result will look like. Higher quality presentations equals more conversions.”

With roughly 20 per cent market penetration for solar in Australia, it’s clear that the future is bright to increase the opportunity for more clean energy. Nearmap on OpenSolar is the right tool at the right time to continue to drive this effort forward. Access to historical imagery provides truth on the ground to help solar companies design stunning proposals and then track their customer experience, all in one single spot. 

“It’s the best place to start for a compelling conversation,” Mr Birch said. 

“Great software and beautiful imagery – all to help sell lower cost energy to consumers and help save the planet.”

This partner solution is brought to you by Nearmap, for more information, click here.

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