ARENA has published its State of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) Technology Integration Report, providing a functional framework for DER integration through the assessment of 45 DER projects.

The report was commissioned by ARENA and produced by farrierswier and GridWise Energy Solutions, and provides a snapshot in time of 45 Australian DER projects, as well as explaining what they seek to achieve and how they fit together.

Developed through consultation with leading organisations and subject matter experts across Australia, the report is intended to support greater coordination throughout the sector with the goal of achieving better outcomes for consumers.

The report outlines a functional framework comprising 13 functional areas across four integration topics. The framework assesses 45 DER projects, what they seek to achieve, their method and approach, and how they relate to each other.

The report also provides a maturity assessment with a common vision for each functional area, and indicates how progressed each functional area is to that vision.

The scope of work falls within technology integration projects, and does not cover broader market, regulatory or consumer projects.

Together, the functional framework and maturity assessment form a baseline report to inform effective grid integration now and in the future.

To read the full report, click here

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