$31 million of funding has been announced by Victorian Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change, Lily D’Ambrosio, through the Business Recovery Energy Efficiency Fund – aiming to help 110 businesses to reduce energy costs, cut emissions and support 500 jobs.

The Business Recovery Energy Efficiency Fund will provide $24 million for capital works to help 67 businesses install energy saving equipment and technology – from upgrades to heating, air conditioning and refrigeration, to highly efficient hot water heaters.

The program also provides $7 million to help 43 businesses to undertake energy audits and install demand management systems that will improve the efficiency of existing infrastructure.

In total, the Fund will save Victorian businesses up to $17 million per year in energy costs and benefit small to medium businesses across manufacturing, supermarkets, agriculture, health, and retail – supporting hundreds of new jobs as electricians, technicians and labourers carry out the upgrades.

Minister D’Ambrosio said “We are supporting some of Victoria’s biggest employers – from the Airport to our major supermarket chains – to be more energy efficient while also saving money on their bills.

“This package will support around 500 jobs, as electricians and technicians work to deliver these upgrades in businesses across Victoria.”

The program will also give businesses support to make long-term investments in their business by installing new technologies.

The funding will go to businesses across Victoria, including food businesses such as Bega Cheese and Inghams Enterprises, Viva refinery in Geelong and local manufactures such as Furphy’s Foundry in Shepparton.

Melbourne Airport is receiving funding to replace 3,800 energy inefficient light fittings in their multi story short term and long term car parks with more efficient LED fittings – slashing emissions and reducing wasted energy.

The 2020-21 budget invested $1.6 billion in clean energy – the largest ever investment of any state government.

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