Featured image: The Rowallan Power Station. Image courtesy of HydroTasmania

The Rowallan Power Station in Northern Tasmania is undergoing a $30 million refurbishment to ensure it can operate safely and reliably, with the project expected to be completed in 2024. 

Hydro Tasmania is conducting the refurbishment project for the Rowallan Power Station, which is the latest improvement works undertaken by the company. 

Hydro Tasmania CEO, Ian Brooksbank, said the modernisation of the 55-year-old Rowallan Power Station will make it safer and more efficient to operate.

“This marks a significant step forward in the transformation of Rowallan, integrating cutting edge control and safety systems and upgrades to essential components” Mr Brooksbank said.

 “New control systems will make operation of the power station more flexible, and online monitoring will reduce outages and streamline ongoing maintenance.”

 “As Australia’s largest water manager, and largest generator of renewable energy, we have a responsibility to the Tasmanian people to use our precious water resources wisely.

“We have an incredible fleet of hydropower assets, but they are ageing. It’s important that we invest in modernising and maintaining our power stations, so they continue to deliver safe, secure and reliable power for the next generation,” Mr Brooksbank said.

Featured image: The Rowallan Power Station. Image courtesy of HydroTasmania

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