2023 has been a big year for Australia’s energy sector, with a major focus on renewables. As this is the final Energy newsletter of the year, we’re taking a look at our top performing stories to see what the industry really cared about. 

Although investment in clean energy projects was slower than the industry might have hoped for, renewable generation is still at the forefront of everyone’s minds, with Energy Magazine’s top five stories all focusing on how Australia is working towards a clean energy future.

Work is being done across all levels of government to support the energy industry during this major transition, from significant funding allocations in the Federal Budget to the revival of Victoria’s State Electricity Commission. 

Here are Energy Magazine’s top five stories of 2023: 

The number one story of the year was about construction beginning on Stage 2 of the Kwinana big battery. 

This $625 million energy storage project is set to deliver a whopping 800MWh of capacity to Western Australia’s grid when it is completed in late 2024. 

The second most popular story was regarding the Victorian Government’s revitalisation of the State Electricity Commission (SEC), and the Strategic Plan 2023-2035 that Premier Jacinta Allan launched along with it. 

SEC’s plan lays out priorities and goals that are set to guide Victoria through the next ten years of the renewable energy transition. 

The next story covered the Australian Renewables Industry Summit in Canberra, where a group of organisations from across the sector teamed up to advocate for a ten-year, $100 billion Renewable Industry Package. 

Calls for the package came as a result of fears that Australia would be left behind in the global renewable energy race, as international players passed landmark energy policies. 

The fourth story was about the Treasurer of Australia’s Intergenerational Report 2023, which outlined the strong position Australia finds itself in thanks to its abundant natural sources of renewable energy. 

Finally, our fifth most popular story of 2023 was regarding the 2023-24 Federal Budget which included several major investments across the energy industry, including energy bill relief, the Hydrogen Headstart program and the Capacity Investment Scheme.  

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